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Inter-Act Magic 
The Magic of Christopher George

Magic with a message

For Day Schools,Day Camps, Churches, Schools and Libraries.

Programs for Churches that utilize the art of magic to share Gospel with Sunday Schools and Congregations!

 Specialized programs for Day Schools, Day Camps, Schools and Libraries are centered around the real Magic that is inside each individual person.


Christopher is very passionate about bringing these messages to young people and Inspiring  the next generation to follow their dreams!

Holiday Shows

Planning a Holiday Party or Event are you a Haunted House or Pumpkin Patch looking for a Live entertainer?

We have Holiday shows for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter!

We also have a special Wizards Class Room Show where teams of wizards cast spells to win a special prize! 

A variety of packages available to meet your needs and make your Holiday event very special and memorable!

Balloon Artist

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